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A Private Equity Real Estate Investment Firm

Up High Capital Management LLC

 focused on bringing about change. We’ve built and fueled our vision with time, resources, and passion, but we need your help to bring it to life. No contribution is too small. Continue reading to learn more about our mission.

Up High Capital Management LLC (UHCM) has been organized to operate as a pooled fund (the “Fund”) that will invest in a diversified portfolio of commercial, residential,  and mixed-use properties throughout the U.S.,  initially focusing on the New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Illinois  and Pennsylvania real estate markets.

UHCM was organized to acquire, renovate, manage, hold,  dispose of, and/or rent residential (single and  multi-units) and  commercial (mixed-use and single-use) properties. UHCM intends to invest solely in assets that show material “value added” opportunities.

Up High Capital Management LLC was formed on May 21,  2020.  A New York limited liability company and a CONFIDENTIAL PRIVATE PLACEMENT MEMORANDUM registered to SEC 506(b)

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Real Estate Purchases (Buy And Hold) – UHCM may seek to identify, acquire, and renovate residential  and commercial real estate properties turn into rental property or to sell such properties at such times and  under such circumstances that it deems to be economically advantageous.

Distressed Real Estate Purchases (Fix & Flip) – UHCM may seek to identify, acquire for a discount, and renovate distressed properties. UPHCM utilizes recommended ARV (After Repair Value) for a fix-and-flip project which is less than 70%. And thus,  we only to take a rehab project when the ARV(After Repair Value)  is 70% or less than the newly renovated estimated selling price.

New Construction/Development – UHCM may seek to purchase below market valued “tear-down”  properties and/or vacant land in desirable areas with the intention of building ground up residential and/or commercial properties.  The properties will primarily be built with the intention to resell them, but some may be rented to produce cash flow prior to sale

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Uphigh Capital Management  will allow Accredited Investors to pool their funds and invest in a real estate project larger than themselves.

As an Investor in a crowdfunding deal, You, as well as other Investors will acquire a portion of interest in Real Estate projects. Capital that raised goes by the developer to resources into commercial and residential buildings, renovating the properties which will generate ROI for investors.

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Uphigh Capital Management Makes Investing in Real Estate Simple


Browse Deals & Funds

Select and review deals and funds on the UP HIGH CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Portfolio and find one that matches your investment preferences.


Submit Your Offer

Once you find the property you want to invest in, decide your investment amount 
(The minimum Subscription  
Amount is $ 25,000.00 / Unit)  
and submit your investment offer. Digitally sign the documents and submit online. Once your investing documents (Subscriptions Booklet & Supporting Documents) have been approved by UP HIGH CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, you’ll fund your offer via wire, ACH, or Certified Bank check.


Manage Your Investment

Now you own direct equity in commercial real estate property. Monitor your investment online and get updates on a quarterly basis and choose how you want to receive distributions, and more. You’ll see all your investments from one main dashboard.

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